"...I will pour out my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thy offspring: And they shall spring up as among the grasses, as willows by the watercourses." Isaiah 44: 3-4
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About Willow Springs...

The Lord has blessed our family with 5 children (Puppy Socialization Program Administrators), a little piece of heaven on which to live (in the breathtaking beauty of Southeastern Ohio's Hocking Hills), and our family of Labrador Retrievers! Our days are filled with many educational opportunities, as well as hard work, as we strive for excellence in our endeavors. Family—2 legged, as well as our furry, 4 legged—is our number 1 priority, and we pray that our daily "mending" knits our family unit closely together, for HIS glory!

Our Commitment to Excellence:

We give God all the praise, honor and glory for our family of Labrador Retrievers! He has entrusted us with much, and it is our desire to be faithful stewards of His blessings! We currently love on 6 furry, 4-legged family members: Abby, Able, Gracie, Bell, Tillie & Be--all of which are so dear to our hearts. First and foremost, our Labradors are members of our family! We intentionally keep our Labrador family small (in number). This helps us ensure that our goals are met, and that each precious one receives the love and attention he/she deserves. This is quality over quantity in action. We are the perfect size!

Our goals are two-fold:

1. Improve the breed with each and every puppy God blesses us with.

2. Exceed expectations as a Breeder.

We acknowledge that our mark will be left on this breed--be it positive or negative--simply due to our involvement, and we are 100% committed to leaving a positive footprint! With that in mind, our litters are never produced with a "puppies to sell" mentality! They are well-planned and thoroughly thought out, with utmost care and concern for improving the breed. With every litter, we are ever-so-hopeful for a puppy to keep and to continue our lines! We only use Champion males and/or males that possess extremely strong Champion lineage—a sire who is a superior specimen of the breed, as well as, one who has proven to pass those quality traits on to his get. Employing these practices, we are always improving our lines and offspring--not maintaining status quo. Our approach is much more labor intensive; requiring much time, effort, travel, research, planning, testing and of course, money. But this is our Commitment to Excellence as a Breeder. Adhering to these standards, we are well pleased with the footprints we see so far!

To achieve goal number 2: Simply put--we work diligently to earn that right! From the overwhelming response we have gotten, we feel we are definitely on the right track.

What does all of this mean for you, a potential adoptive family?

Every Willow Springs' Labrador Retriever bears our name and our commitment to excellence. This assures you are adopting a genetically superior puppy (English style) from folks who are committed to a standard of excellence as a Breeder.

If you have questions regarding our goals and/or standards, we welcome the opportunity for further discussion.