"English" vs. "American?"

There are two distinct "types" or "styles" of Labrador Retrievers: English and American. The English Labrador is directly bred from English lines and quite different in appearance. English bred Labrador Retrievers are heavier, thicker, and blockier than their American counterparts. The American Labrador Retriever is taller and lankier, and in our opinion, has a tendency to be more on the hyper side. We see more American "style" Labs utilized as hunting companions. (DISCLAIMER: THESE TENDENCIES ARE GENERALITIES, in our opinion.)

Many breeders advertise "English" Labradors. In order to make the claim "English Lab," simply put, it must be a descendant of English lineage; not just someone's opinion as to what they think their Labradors look like! While there are actual English imports in the United States, they are not as prevalent, of course, as the American lines. Both, English and American Labs serve a purpose. It is up to you to decide which one is right for you.

At Willow Springs, our family of Labradors are specifically bred for the English conformation and temperament. We continually strive to incorporate English bloodlines in our breeding program to accomplish this. All of our Labradors are of the English "type" or "style," and possess solid English pedigrees. It is our goal to perpetuate the strong appearance and calm, gentle nature of these fantastic companions!